Precise Healthcare was established in 2015, with a small team of staff. The company was founded to provide qualified staff to help facilitate home care services and thus helping the many thousands of people who are in need of the services of healthcare workers.The idea of establishing an agency was brought to an existence when one of the directors was previously employed under an agency who he felt the agency was misusing the staffs. Based on the downfall of the agency founder build this company with respecting and knowing the needs of his staff as well as the client.

We are dedicated to providing healthcare staff who will serve as the backbone support to the thousands of vulnerable people within the community/ care homes. The rising age of the UK population and the subsequent increase in the need for health care workers has seen us continually expand our services and business. 

We currently have 3 offices (Hull, Nottingham & London), our network of highly trained, qualified and dedicated healthcare workers ensures that our ethos of proving good quality care is well-reverberated across the UK.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to adopt a highly principled approach with regards to Healthcare. We offer high-quality healthcare to all clients in a safe and familiar environment.

we are committed to practices which protect service users from harm. Staff in this organisation accept and recognise our responsibility to develop awareness of issues that can cause service users harm.

We strongly agree in providing affordable care to those in the community, as statistics show that the elderly, physical/ mentally impaired population within in the UK is growing heavily. Which prompt the service of domiciliary to be more expensive. We empower our potential client to choose and to negotiate on the care which we provide and pricing. 

We pride ourselves in treating all clients with respect and dignity so that they enjoy and live a full prospers life.