Dementia isn’t typically categorized as a ‘disease’, rather it is a combination of symptoms including

Inability to remember various things

Difficulty in learning new skills

Problems with orientation

Difficulty in adapting to sensory and physical changes

Alzheimer’s disease is the most commonly diagnosed form of dementia. About 850,000 individuals in the United Kingdom suffer from dementia. It is estimated that the number may increase to more than 1 million by 2025. So it isn’t uncommon to come across someone who has dementia or to even have a family member diagnosed with the condition. Medical experts suggest that dementia primarily affects the older population, but it isn’t impossible to find it in younger individuals as well.

The team at Precise Healthcare is highly qualified and experienced to support all kinds of Dementia patients. We offer the services of long-term nurses and carers who have specialized training in the complex field. One of the most important aspects of Dementia management is a consistent routine. This is the reason we focus on developing a strong personal relationship with the patient and provide the reliable support of an experienced caregiver when managing dementia.

Regardless of whether a patient is in the early or advanced stages of dementia, we support participation in various events and activities to help them enjoy fruitful experiences.

At Precise Healthcare, we place high emphasis on keeping our team of carers updated with the latest developments in the field of dementia management. This allows them to adopt new ways and techniques of interacting and memory recollection, such as music therapy, photographs and games.

Dementia symptoms generally increase over a period of time and each patient may experience these changes at varying speeds. While there isn’t any cure for the condition, treatments can be very effective in slowing down the effects and helping people manage certain symptoms.

At Precise Healthcare, we are committed to helping dementia suffers lead happy and fulfilling lives.