Do you or family member need care and want to stay in your home?

We offer domiciliary care to those who live in their homes and need personal assistance with their daily tasks and personal care.

The service we offer, which are regulated by the CQC are:

Personal care, Intensive Domiciliary Care services: example catheters, Home from hospital service, Re-ablement athome, Caring for Dementia patient, Caring for complex physical disablilties patient, Caring for mental health patient, Medication management, Meal management, Shopping and Sittings

We have a network of well-qualified and trained professionals who are dedicated to providing superior quality services to our clients across the UK.

At Precise Healthcare Solutions Limited (PHSLTD), we are committed to practices which protect service users from harm. Staff in this organisation accept and recognise our responsibility to develop awareness of issues that can cause service users harm.

We do so, by creating a safe, comfortable and secure enviroment while in contact with any member of PHSLTD or any workplace controlled by us. We ensure all measures are taking to prevent all risk of abuse and put a stop to a reoccurrence

At Precise Healthcare, we treat each client with the greatest compassion and respect. There is a team of committed managers with a broad range of expertise, that looks after all the operations at our healthcare centre. We also undertake routine client reviews to ensure that the best possible care is being provided to each client.

If you’re looking for the best care services for your loved ones in the UK, Precise Healthcare will definitely surpass all your expectations. Contact us today for registration or queries!